Tarnish Free Necklace - Bee Disc

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A mix of Stainless Steel and Recycled Silver *tarnish-free*


18ct PVD Gold Plated

Eco Friendly

100% Recyclable

  • Each piece is made from sustainable materials 
  • Its long-term life makes its sustainable, its made to last'
  • Its all fully recyclable and can be re-used. In fact it can be recycled many times over without losing its qualities of being durable and rust proof. 
  • Its not harmful or toxic to the environment
  • Its resilient to water, and will not rust and not will the plating on it rub off.   
  • Its super strong, and wont bend or squash if you are hard on  your jewels. 
  • It contains hypoallergenic properties, meaning its unlikely it will cause any adverse skin reactions 
  • No green fingers, necks or ears! 


Tarnish Free Necklace - Bee Disc - Elizabeth Summer
Tarnish Free Necklace - Bee Disc - Elizabeth Summer