Wayuu Bag - Light stone with colourful strap

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Wayuu Mochilas handbags are hand crocheted bags, handmade by an indigenous tribe that resides in the northern peninsula of South America. ... For the most part, Wayuu artisans use a wide variety of crocheting techniques to recreate the very intricate patterns in their mochila bags. Additionally, they use other weaving techniques. Each bag takes anything from 2 weeks to make to a month.

These bags are at a 'lower' price as they are double stitch bags, and have no inner pocket. They are made with the same technique as the others, but as they are double stitch they take half the amount of time to make them. The straps are beautifully made with a lot of detail. 

Measurements: Height: 28-31 cm Width: 22-24 cm Strap: 43-51 cm approximately.

This bag is hand made using weaving techniques. sizes, patterns, shading and details may vary.