Latest Trends in Women’s Winter Hats

Women’s winter hats are not merely accessories. They help keep you warm and comfortable when temperatures are low. Not sure which one to get? Looking at the latest trends in winter hats can help you pick the best ones for the season’s wardrobe. Here are some ideas:

Pith helmet

The pith or safari helmet is not just for summer. Winter-appropriate materials like wool or canvas are super stylish during the colder months. Pith helmets are high-crowned hats with a sloping, wide brim. Their name comes from the material originally used to make them, the soft heartwood or pith of the Sola plant. Winter-friendly versions come in many colours, including bright hues, pastels, and neutrals, so there’s something to suit you.


Beanies are some of the quintessential winter hats in women’s fashion. The best ones are made of wool or cashmere to help keep your head and ears warm. Some are designed to fit snugly over the head, while others have a slouchy look for a more relaxed aesthetic. The latest trends in beanies feature animal prints and those with pom-poms for a fun and quirky look.

Bolero hat

Bolero hats are perfect if you prefer something wide-brimmed. Choose one made of 100 per cent wool for a modern and stylish aesthetic. These hats come in different colours you can mix and match with your winter outfits.


Fedoras are timeless hats that are versatile for winter. They have an indented crown with a soft brim, typically creased lengthwise from the crown and pinched toward the front on both sides. Fedora women’s winter hats are made of thicker material, with a trendy style featuring a furry texture with distinct details that add character to them, such as a monogram or embroidery.

What’s your favourite?

These are just some of the best options in women’s winter hats. Find something you like from a reputable store that carries a wide range of high-quality women’s accessories online.